Why should we buy our meat from you rather than from the supermarket or butcher? In most cases, a supermarket or butcher does not know anything about the animal you are eating. For example, its age, where it came from, what it ate or how it was treated.  By buying directly from us, we can give you this information and ensure that you consistently receive premium quality beef.

What type of cattle do you have? Angus and angus cross.

What are your cattle fed? Our cattle eat grass and are fed hay which is cut and baled on our farm.

Do you have your own bulls?  Yes.

Do you use hormones on your cattle? No.

Do you use antibiotics on your cattle? We only use antibiotics in rare cases if our cattle become sick and require treatment.  The antibiotics are prescribed by a vet and assist in the recovery process.

Are you certified organic? No.

How do you select cattle for processing? We only process cattle born and raised on the property.  Strict quality control measures ensure that only the best cattle are selected for processing therefore providing the highest quality meat to our consumers.

How is your beef processed? Our beef is processed at a PrimeSafe approved abattoir.

Who bones and packages your beef? Our beef is boned and packed by our butcher and staff in our on farm processing facility.

Why use vacuum packaging? We use vacuum sealed bags for our beef as it allows the beef to continue to age in the packaging and gives the beef a longer shelf life.  The beef can remain refrigerated for up to 4 weeks before freezing. Any beef cuts containing bone (eg Osso Bucco or short ribs) together with our sausages, must be eaten within the use by date or frozen.

What ingredients are in your sausages? Are they gluten free? Our sausages are gluten free and contain beef, rice flour, salt, minerals and spice extract.

Where can we buy your beef boxes? Our beef boxes are available to order on our website.

Are individual cuts available? Individual cuts may be available upon request and subject to availability, however the price for these items will not be the same as bulk prices, they will be at market value.

Where do you deliver to? We deliver to the following postcodes: 3213, 3214, 3215, 3216, 3217, 3218, 3219, 3220, 3331, 3332 and 3333. Other locations by appointment.

Do you charge for delivery?  We do not charge for delivery to the postcodes listed above. If you are outside the delivery zone, and an agreement is reached to deliver to your location, then there may be a delivery fee applied.