Our Farming Practices

Our farming practices aim to produce happy and healthy beef cattle raised in a natural, stress free environment.  To ensure we achieve these objectives, our cattle are:

Quiet  Our cows and bulls are selected for their quiet temperament.

Healthy – Our cattle graze on quality pastures where fresh water is available. During cold weather or at times when fresh pasture is in short supply, our cattle are fed hay which is cut on the property. All calves born at Windermere are vaccinated for common diseases. All livestock are drenched when required. We regularly conduct visual health checks on all animals especially during calving and seek veterinary assistance if needed.

Carefully handled During mustering, we do not use dogs, electric cattle prodders or anything else that may spook the cattle. In most cases, our cattle follow hay into the yards. All livestock are transported in our own truck or trailer which have been purpose built to minimise any bruising.