Slow Cooker (10kg)


Approx. 10kg of roasts, slow cooking meats, mince and sausages ($23.50 per kilo).

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Approx. 10kg of roasts, slow cooking meats (osso bucco, short ribs &  diced beef), mince and sausages.


An example of a Slow Cooker pack may include the following:

3.5 kg of roasts (topside, corned silverside or blade)

2 kg of premium mince

2 kg of sausages (gluten free)

1 kg of diced beef

1kg of brisket or short ribs

500g of osso bucco

*Please note the above is an example only. Packs, weights and meat cuts may vary from time to time due to animal weight and cut sizes.


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Weight 10.00 kg


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